What to know about the coronavirus vaccine and coronaviral dental visits

SAN FRANCISCO — Dentists have been issued more than 6,000 coronaviruses vaccinations for the first time in San Francisco.The vaccinations have been distributed by HealthCare for All, which was launched in March by Gov.Gavin Newsom and former Gov.Ed Rendell.Rendell’s group will distribute about 4,500 of the vaccinations, and HealthCare For All plans to distribute about […]

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‘Bizarre’ new bill in NSW threatens to ‘unconstitutionalise’ dentists

New South Wales is proposing to amend the state’s health laws to make it an offence to refuse to provide dental services.The bill was introduced by the state Government earlier this week, which was first reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.It would make it a criminal offence to fail to provide a service, and would […]

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