What to expect from Hawaii’s new ‘Discovery Prescription’ program

HONOLULU, Hawaii — It looks like a giant prescription pill bottle.

But this little pill, which was designed to save the lives of thousands of people in Hawaii, has been on sale for the last month in the United States.

The Hawaii DMT, or DMT-assisted treatment program, is a state-funded program designed to treat people suffering from chronic, non-malignant chronic pain and other conditions that are caused by drug abuse.

It has been available in Hawaii since 2012.

But there is now an additional $20 million in federal grants that the state has used to purchase the pill for $15,000 a bottle.

The pills, which are called DMT capsules, were created by researchers at the University of Hawaii.

They were given away for free by the state and are being distributed to patients by prescription.

There are about 1,000 patients in Hawaii who are receiving treatment through the program, according to a press release.

“This is an important moment in our nation’s history, and it’s a moment we’ve been working toward for years,” said State Sen. Doug Ericksen, D-Hilo, who is the chair of the Senate’s Health, Labor and Welfare Committee.

The pill has been sold for $16.95, which is $15 more than the cost of a bottle of water.

It has been distributed in Hawaii by a doctor or other healthcare provider for the past month.

Some people are paying $40 for a pill.

“You have a prescription and you don’t know whether it’s going to work or not.

If it doesn’t work, you’re going to have a serious case of shock,” said Melissa Gage, a resident physician at the Pain Medicine Center in Waikiki, who has been receiving DMT pills from the state since April.

There’s no need to worry.

It’s just a little pill and we’re all in this together,” she said.”

People have a lot of compassion, and there are a lot people who want to help,” she added.

The first patient to receive the pill on the island of Oahu was a woman who was suffering from a severe migraine and needed an infusion of DMT to help her get through it.

When her doctor asked if she could buy the pill, she said yes.”

I got the DMT and I felt amazing,” she told ABC News.

It took three days for the DMD to be delivered to her home.

She said she felt a surge of energy, and then her headache started to go away.

She said she didn’t know what was going on until about two weeks later.”

When it came to me, I thought I was going to die,” she recalled.

The DMT was the first pill to be offered for free in Hawaii.

But it was the only pill for free to be given to people in the state.

I just hope people take this seriously, take this pill seriously,” she noted.


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