When does it matter to the GOP? | Dems say ACA is ‘not a law of the land’

The Senate is set to vote on the final version of the American Health Care Act, the sweeping tax overhaul Republicans have been pushing through Congress since March.

But many Democrats say that while it would be great to have a vote on repealing and replacing the ACA, it is not a law that will pass the Senate.

The House passed its own version of AHCA in July, and it is expected to be voted on in the coming weeks.

Democrats and the White House are hoping to push the House legislation through the chamber, but Senate Republicans are pushing it back, saying that it is “not a bill that will work.”

The AHCA would eliminate a number of ACA protections, including protections for pre-existing conditions and the ability to buy insurance across state lines.

The bill would also require insurers to cover a broad array of health services, including mental health care, prenatal care and birth control, as well as cover prescription drugs.

The Senate would also repeal a number a provisions in the ACA that are currently on the books.

The biggest sticking point between the House and Senate versions of AHCC is the bill’s coverage of preexisting conditions.

Republicans are still trying to figure out what it would mean to get rid of the ACA’s insurance mandate, which requires most Americans to have health insurance.

Under the ACA there are two different versions of the mandate: the tax-and-transfer version and a market-based version.

The tax-transfer would require all Americans to purchase insurance.

The mandate would be repealed, though many people will still have to pay a fine or pay a penalty if they do not.

Market-based insurance would require most Americans, but not everyone, to purchase a health insurance plan.

Both versions would allow insurance companies to charge a surcharge if they are too expensive for a high-risk population, such as older adults and people with pre-dispensing medication.

Under market-style insurance, insurers would be required to cover all of their customers.

The AHCC would also increase the tax penalty for people who do not have health coverage.

But the AHCC does not go nearly far enough to make sure that people can afford coverage.

Republicans say the AHCA will help them with their plan to “repeal and replace” the ACA.

The Republican healthcare plan includes a number that are meant to help people who have pre-conditioning conditions or pre-pregnancy care but do not meet the ACA definition of a pre-conditions condition.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that about a quarter of the AH CC would be used to pay for the repeal of the pre-contraceptive coverage requirement.

The other 25 percent would be spent to pay people to obtain insurance.

AHCC also contains a provision that would allow states to use their Medicaid expansion money to cover pre-surgical and emergency care for people with preexistent conditions.

The CBO estimates that about 15 percent of Medicaid expansion dollars could be used for this purpose.

While AHCC includes provisions to help lower-income people afford health insurance, it does not include provisions to pay doctors for treating people with conditions that are common to low-income patients, such for a preemie or autism.

For example, some Medicaid providers are not paid to treat children with severe illnesses, such autism.

AHCA also includes a provision to give states more flexibility on how much they can spend on the Medicaid expansion, and AHCC’s language is vague about the extent to which states can opt out of Medicaid expansions.

Some Republicans have said that they will vote to kill the ACA and start over with a new plan that includes some of these changes.

The Hill will continue to provide updates as the AHCTA and AHCA are debated and voted on.

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