Which of the following is correct? Firestone’s appointment to head the National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Firestone is the most powerful man in the state of New Jersey, a job he has held since 2010.

He has also served on the board of trustees of the state’s largest pension fund.

Firestone appointed his brother, Keith, the former mayor of Newark, to lead the advisory committee, and former Democratic Gov.

Jon Corzine appointed Keith Firestone to the position of commissioner of health and safety.

But the appointments did not satisfy New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, who had expressed a desire for a Democratic chairman of the committee, citing his personal history of working on behalf of Democrats in the past.

Christie, a Republican, called for Keith Fireston to step down and appointed an independent to the job, a move that has been met with fierce criticism.

Keith Fireson, who has been a top adviser to Christie, did not respond to a request for comment.

Christie’s appointment was initially reported in The New York Times on Monday.

The Times also reported that Christie’s former chief of staff, Mike Catanzaro, had been named chair of the advisory board.

Christie also appointed a former Christie aide, Richard Fink, to be his deputy chief of the department.

Christie is also the chairman of ChristiePAC, an independent group that has also backed Democratic candidates.

Christie has faced pressure to appoint a Democratic chair after the appointment of former Democratic Governors John Kasich and Tom Corbett, who both backed Christie in his gubernatorial bid in 2010.

Christie and the Republican-led Legislature have also criticized the appointment, and some Democrats have expressed concern that the appointment may be viewed as a favor to Christie.

Christie said he wanted a “fair, balanced and nonpartisan” panel.

Christie had sought to nominate a member of the Democratic Party, who would be vetted by the governor, to chair the panel.

New Jersey is the first state in the country to require immunization for everyone who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

The bill is part of a broader push by Christie to expand access to vaccines in the U.A.E., a region of Europe that includes New Jersey.


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