How to get your dmvs vaccine card by the deadline

For some, it may be too late.

For others, it might not be at all.

And for many, it will be the last time.

But if you live in Missouri, you can get your shot for free this month.

It will be delivered by an ambulance that’s been stationed at the hospital in Springfield, and you’ll be able to go home with your shot without ever having to go to the doctor or wait in the emergency room.

This month, the state’s three major DMOs are running the same vaccine, which will be distributed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

But the delivery of the vaccine to Missourians is not the only way you can sign up for your shot. 

Here are all the details you need to know about the vaccine: How to Get Your Dmvs Vaccine in MissouriIf you live anywhere in Missouri except the Kansas City metro area, the vaccine can be delivered to you by a DMO, as long as it’s within the metro area.

You’ll need to get a local driver’s license, as well as a Missouri driver’s exam, to get the shot.

Once you’ve received your shot, you’ll need a Missouri license plate number to receive your vaccination certificate.

If you’re over 18, you must be accompanied by an adult, even if you don’t live in the metro region.

You can register for your vaccination at your local DMO or by phone.

If the vaccination certificate isn’t received in a timely manner, the vaccination may not be administered.

Once your vaccination is administered, you should be able do nothing else to get vaccinated for a month.

You may have to wait up to a month between vaccination and the next shot.

There are other ways you can go to a DMA, but this one is the easiest to do in the state. 

Missouri residents who live outside of the metro-area can visit the Missouri Department of Health and Hospitals to receive their shot.

In Missouri, DMO staff will be in your area to assist you, and if you need more information, you may call the DMO.DMOs that are operating outside of Missouri can also deliver the vaccine in-person.

For more information about DMO vaccines, visit

You can also go to to find your nearest DMO and get vaccinated at any time.


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