Why you should never forget the TIC card number

Posted January 25, 2018 11:02:24 While the federal government is now requiring all health care workers to have their TIC cards, many doctors and other medical professionals still don’t.

But the federal Liberal government has a plan to help those doctors and others who can’t get their cards.

If you’re a doctor, nurse, or midwife, or you’re interested in learning more about your medical needs, you can call 1-800-943-4777 to get your TIC number.

For other medical and other service workers, the phone number is 1-888-913-5088.

“We’re looking at getting more providers who are trained to go into remote areas and deliver care,” said Chris Leung, deputy minister of health.

The minister said it’s an important step to help people in remote communities.

There are about 6.3 million TIC numbers in Canada, with about 300,000 in the country’s northern territories.

But the numbers are only an indication of the challenges facing the country.

The minister says about 50 per cent of people who have a TIC are still in remote areas.

Leung says TIC is the key to the success of Canada’s health system, but the numbers won’t tell the whole story.

Healthcare workers who are able to get their Tic cards will be able to help connect them to health care services, such as dental care and medical testing.

The number of TICs varies, but some of the most popular cards are those that are issued by the Department of Public Health and Social Development (DPHSD).

The number of health care professionals with a Tic is a key factor in the government’s plans to bring TIC coverage to all Canadians.

The numbers are a snapshot of what people need, said Leung.

We know that TIC-issued numbers are more valuable to providers who have those people,” he said.

He said the numbers could be improved through better training and improved communication with remote providers.

While the number of doctors and nurses with Tic numbers is important, the government is also looking at how to improve the health of the country in remote regions.

This includes providing free health care in remote health care settings.

And while it’s important for everyone to have access to health services, it’s also important to make sure that services are safe and reliable, Leung said.

He said that’s what’s happening in Canada’s remote regions, and he hopes to make it happen in all regions.

Leung said it will be a lot harder for people in the remote areas of the north to access health care, because there aren’t enough resources there.

In the north, there are about 1,300 people living on a reserve, and Leung says that number is going to grow as more people move to the city.

That means there are more remote residents, who don’t have the access to basic health care or access to affordable health care.”

We have to ensure that all Canadians can access access the health care that they need,” Leung added.

Canada’s health care system is already in a precarious position because of the aging population, the federal debt, and the aging of the population.

The country is also the second largest recipient of foreign aid in the world, after the United States.”

This government is taking action on the issue of access to care in a way that will not only improve access to services in remote locations but will also make a difference to the lives of people in those communities,” said Leant.


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