Why you should take your doctor’s advice on getting a covid-containing vaccine

Experts advise you to check the doctor’s notes if you have any concerns over your vaccine schedule.

In the past, some people were given multiple injections for the same condition and some patients were given more than one vaccine dose, experts say.

However, the new advice is that you should only be given one vaccine at a time and it is important to be vaccinated for your specific condition.

Dr Lisa Taylor from the Australian Vaccine Agency said she would recommend people only get two doses of a single vaccine.

“You need to be as healthy as you can possibly be, and then you need to go back to your GP and have the shots done again,” she said.

“That’s why I would advise people to go to the doctor and get the second shot for sure.”

People should have the best of intentions.

It’s a very serious condition.

“But it’s really important to take the time to talk to your doctor about how they are taking care of you and what their advice is.”

Dr Taylor said people who did not have a history of serious infections or infections in the past would be more likely to get a vaccine and the risk of complications was lower.

“There’s no reason to be so anxious and get more than a few shots at a critical time in your life, when you really need them,” she told ABC News.

“So we just advise people that if they don’t have a specific medical condition, they shouldn’t get a vaccination.”

And then just do what you want.



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