Why did the Navajo Generals appointment to the National Capital Commission go so badly?

In an interview with The Huffington.com, Navajo General David Naveen said that despite the Navajo Nation’s deep ties to the federal government, it was important for the appointment to go through the Navajo Council of Governments, a body that represents the Navajo people.

Naveon said that after he was appointed, he did not know what to expect.

“I’m really not a political person, but I’m a proud American Indian and I wanted to be an honest broker, not a politician,” Navee said.

He said that he felt like his time would come in 2019, and that it was going to be a long wait. “

Naveen was appointed to the commission in July 2016 and took the position of acting chairman.

He said that he felt like his time would come in 2019, and that it was going to be a long wait.

Naves appointment was widely criticized in Navajo Nation as he was not an elected official.

He explained that his time was limited, and he didn’t want to lose too much time. “

When I was a Navajo, I had to do my job, I did my duty, and I had a lot more to lose if I didn’t take up the commission,” Naves said.

He explained that his time was limited, and he didn’t want to lose too much time.

“And when you’re a Navajo citizen, you have a duty to uphold the constitution, the laws and the constitution.

And I think the people of the Navajo have a responsibility to uphold those,” Navede said, noting that the commission was appointed by Congress to provide oversight of the administration of the federal land in the Navajo nation.

He added that he did feel that he was being treated fairly and fairly fairly, and not unfairly.

Nadeen said he is confident that he will receive the trust of the people that he serves and that he has an opportunity to take on a greater responsibility.

“The Navajo people deserve an appointment like this.

And we will make it work,” Nadees statement said.

But many Navajo Nation members, including Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye, were upset with Navees appointment.

“As a Navajo Nation man, I am disappointed with this appointment,” Begayes statement read.

“We are a tribal nation, and it is my responsibility as a tribal president to make sure that the administration respects the tribal rights, sovereignty and sovereignty of the Native Americans.” 

The commission also had a meeting Thursday with Navajo Nation Council President Rachael Stutzman, who is a former chairman of the commission.

The meeting came after the Navajo and U.S. representatives met with Stutzmann in the days before her appointment. 

“I was very pleased with the outcome,” Nivee said of his meeting with Stutzman.

“She was very forthright and she had my back.

And that’s really important to me.

We need to make it more transparent.” 

In the meantime, Naveens appointment has been widely criticized, and the Navajo council voted to put a hold on it.

But Naverean said that the meeting with the Navajo leaders and other members of the council is still important, especially since there is still a lot that needs to be done.

“It’s important for us to hold the commission accountable and to hold them accountable for their actions and their actions are going a long way in making sure that this happens in a fair, transparent and fair manner,” Nveerrean added.


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