Two women arrested over ‘fake’ appointment of rabbi in New York

Two women have been arrested in New Jersey for allegedly trying to have a rabbi appointed to the New York City rabbinical court.

According to police, the arrests took place at the Queens synagogue on Wednesday, where two women were seen taking a seat.

The arrests come a day after the Brooklyn Jewish Federation posted on its Facebook page that the women had been arrested on Wednesday and were being questioned.

On Tuesday, the Brooklyn rabbinical council said the two women had attempted to have Rabbi Yitzchok Schulkin, 63, appointed to a position of seniority and had filed a complaint with the organization.

Schulkin is a member of the Brooklyn Rabbinical Council, the group that oversees the Brooklyn synagogue, which is the largest in the United States.

Schurkin, a longtime rabbi, was born in Queens and is the chairman of the rabbinical department of the Orthodox Union.

Schutzler has been appointed to be the chief judge of the Manhattan Court of Appeals and the president of the Rabbinical Commission on Social Justice, the rabbinic body responsible for appointing senior judges in the nation’s highest courts.

The two women who were arrested Wednesday, whose names have not been released, are also accused of trying to hire an attorney to hire the rabbi for an appointment, according to court documents.

The Brooklyn Rabbinate said on its social media page that it has hired a private attorney to defend the women in the court case.

The Rabbinical Court has not yet named the lawyer for the two.

The rabbinical community, led by the Brooklyn branch of the Reform movement, has long been involved in efforts to elect rabbis to the highest court in the country, and Schulkins, who was born and raised in the borough, is considered a top candidate.

Rabbi Schulki, who is the chief rabbi of the New Jersey branch of Orthodox Judaism, was appointed to an office of senior status in the rabbinate by President Obama in 2009.

Schliskin was not a candidate in last month’s election.

He served as the chief rabbiship for the Brooklyn borough from 2014 to 2017, and he has served as a judge on the state Supreme Court since 2017.

In November, the rabbi was named to serve as a deputy to Rabbi Yair Lapid, the chairman and founder of the yeshiva Yeshiva Torah in Jerusalem.


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