How to cancel an appointment with your doctor

You can cancel your doctor’s appointment in Utah if your doctor has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, the state health department announced Thursday.

In the state, a doctor is a registered medical professional who holds an active license to practice medicine.

Utah is one of only five states where doctors can cancel appointments without a prescription, according to the health department.

That includes doctors who are not certified or registered with the state to practice and have no current patients.

To cancel an appointments, call 1-800-845-6366 or email [email protected]

A doctor is not required to be in Utah to cancel appointments, but many doctors are.

The state has an online calendar of appointments for doctors that you can sign up for.

It is not possible to cancel a doctor’s appointments with a phone call, but you can try to get a fax, email or snail mail from your doctor.

To get a copy of the calendar, visit the health agency’s website at

You can cancel an outpatient appointment with a doctor by filling out an online form, mailing it to the address on the form and calling the health care provider.

You can also cancel an emergency room appointment with the emergency department at the nearest hospital, the health bureau said.

You will have to call the health services provider if you want to schedule a follow-up appointment or if you need more information.

The health bureau is asking for input on how the state can better facilitate the cancellation process.


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