We’ve seen all the changes to the driving licence that’s coming to Queensland, and we’ve got a few surprises for you

Queensland’s new driving licence is set to be the first state-issued document in the country to have a “drive in” date.

Queensland’s new driver’s licence will go into use on the first Friday of July, which will be followed by a two-week grace period before the document can be used again.

The move to make the licence mandatory comes after the Federal Government announced it was cutting funding to universities for “programs which promote driving”.

The new driving license will be rolled out over the coming months, with the first day being the date when a new driver is required to prove they’re 18 years or over.

Queenslanders who want to get their drivers’ licence can enrol by paying $120 for a learner’s licence, $150 for an intermediate driver’s license, $180 for a premium driver’s, or $240 for a commercial driver’s.

If you’re not sure whether you want to register for a driver’s or a learning licence, you can visit the Queensland Government’s website to register.

Quebec’s driving licence will be the state’s first to be issued in digital format, with QR codes on the back.

It’s also expected to be a more cost-effective option for those who want a more secure way to access their driving record.

“With QR codes, the information is stored digitally and will be available on the vehicle’s licence plate and will only be accessible when the vehicle is in use,” a spokesperson for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (QldDOT) said.

“If you do not have a vehicle licence, your licence will still be valid.”

The QR code will be a secure way for those with limited mobility, or people with mental health or developmental disabilities, to access information about their driving records.

In a statement to the ABC, QldDot said: “The QR codes will help people who have limited mobility or who have a mental health issue access information on their licence plate so they can get information that is relevant to their condition.”

The new Queensland driving licence could be the last for some timeThe Queensland Government said the QR codes would only be accessed by those with a licence plate that is registered and can be accessed from their vehicle’s dashboard.

“As we continue to improve the digitalisation of Queensland’s driving record system, we are confident the QR code system will be in place for a long time to come,” a QldRoads spokesperson said.

“The QR system is a digital process which will only allow Queensland drivers to access the information they need, and it will be possible to access and view information through their dashboard.”

The QR-code system will make it easier for those without a driving licence to access driving informationThe Queensland Department says the QR-codes will be “a more secure and secure way” for Queenslanders without a driver license to access an information.

“Our aim is that as Queenslanders move from digital to electronic driving records, QR-coded information will not be accessible on vehicles,” it said.

The Queensland government has announced a pilot scheme to allow some drivers with no driving licence or learner licence to apply for a Queensland driver’s and learner license without having to go through the QR system.

The pilot scheme will be used to test a new method of issuing drivers’ licences.

People with no drivers’ or learners’ licence or who do not currently have a Queensland driving record will be able to register and start using their driving licences at the same time.

A new driver will be required to have valid identification and proof of their age to use their driving licence.

They will also have to complete a driving education course.

If the Queensland government decides to proceed with a roll out of QR codes as part of its rollout of its digital driving record, drivers will have to be 18 or over by the end of the pilot.



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