My passport appointment was cancelled

My passport has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it would appear that the company that arranged my appointment made some mistakes.

As it turns out, the reason for the cancellation was because my application was not submitted properly.

The reason for my application being cancelled was due to my passport being not signed properly.

I contacted the company responsible for the booking and the agent confirmed that the booking had been made in error.

The person responsible for booking my appointment was the same agent who booked the tickets for my trip to India.

The person responsible also confirmed that my booking had already been approved by the company and the application had been processed properly.

However, they did not say why the booking was not approved or the agent was not in contact with them.

I have a valid passport and I have the correct form of ID.

I do not think the cancellation of my booking was due solely to the pandemic.

I did contact the agent and asked why they cancelled my appointment, and they said that the reason was because the booking application had not been submitted properly and because they had not approved the booking as it was not signed.

I don’t think it is possible to cancel an appointment on a website or in person if it was made by someone else.

The passport office does not allow cancellations after they have been submitted to the office.

The official who booked my booking said that they would contact the agency that booked my appointment to have the booking approved.

However that has not happened.

I think the reason is that the agent did not contact the person who booked it properly.

I hope this clarifies something for everyone.

If I was the one booking the booking, I would be contacting the person that booked it and asking them to verify the form of identification.

The reason why I booked my passport appointment is that I wanted to see if it is safe to travel.

I want to see how safe it is for me and my family to travel from India to the US and back.

I am not worried about the pandemics, but I want my family and I to feel safe.

If the pandems did not occur, then I would have booked it anyway.


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