How to get the job with nydv

NEW YORK — If you want to become a nydsv employee, you’ll need to apply for an appointment.

But first, you need to get a schedule for the job.

The job listing for nyddv’s new executive director of scheduling, David E. Schubert, says he will meet with the candidate, “on a daily basis” to review his background, training and accomplishments.

He also will have to check in with the employer, the candidate and the HR department to ensure the job meets his standards.

“It is imperative that you meet with us on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and that you have been consistently available for scheduled meetings and that your time and attention is appropriate for this job,” the job description reads.

Schubert is the second-highest-ranking person in the office of the state’s director of public works, and is overseeing a $2.9 billion budget for the department.

He replaces Chris Kostrzewa, who was forced to resign after he left to join the White House.

The department’s budget has been slashed to $2 billion and Schuber’s mandate has been extended to include the state capital, the state prison system and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Schulbert is also in charge of a large budget deficit and a $1.2 billion budget gap.

He has said he has not cut spending or budgeted for the upcoming budget year.

Schutner’s term expires in January.


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