How to get your passport and visa online?

A quick look at the passport and visas online application process.1.

Register for an appointment to get passport and/or visa online1.

Find your passport online from the passport application website1.

Click on the passport appointment online link to complete the passport/visa online application and send it back to us to be processed for the visa online application.2.

Your passport will be processed and sent back to you.3.

You will be required to provide your passport number and email address and will receive your visa online in approximately 24-48 hours.4.

Once you receive your passport, you will be able to print it out and print your visa application.5.

You can return to your residence and pick up your passport or visa online at any time.6.

You may fax your visa and passport application to us.7.

Please note: you may not re-apply online.8.

If you do not receive your new passport online within 24-36 hours, you may request a new passport through the online application or by phone.9.

If the online process is not successful, please contact us at 1-866-854-5283 for assistance.10.

We will not be able, and we do not have, the ability to process the new visa online.11.

You should be familiar with all the steps you need to take for the online visa application process including how to enter your email address, which application will be accepted, which passport number will be applied to the visa, and which visa will be issued if the visa is accepted.12.

Please see the online passport application page for information on how to fill out the online information and receive your certificate of eligibility.1.)

Register for a passport appointment:1.

Sign up for the passport reservation website.2) Make your appointment online by clicking on the link provided on the website.3) Fill out the form online to make an appointment with a passport officer or a passport agent.4) The passport officer/agent will send you a confirmation email with the appointment number and date you will need to arrive at your appointment location.5) The visa appointment will be made by the passport agent and you will receive the visa application and visa certificate.6) You will need a copy of your passport (with photo) and the date you need your visa to be issued.7) You may return to the appointment location as many times as you need and you must bring the copy of the passport with you.8) The appointment must be completed by the date on the visa and the visa certificate will be sent to the address on your passport application.9) You must present your passport(s) and a photo ID(s).10.

You must bring your passport with us to the airport.11) We will verify your passport to confirm it is in good condition.12) You are not required to have a passport for any purposes.13.

Please allow up to two weeks for your passport renewal.14.

The online visa appointment and passport renewal process is completed and your passport will arrive by mail.15.

Please visit the online travel guide to see if you qualify for a new visa or renewal of a passport.16.

Please ensure you have a valid passport to apply for a visa online, if your passport has expired, or if you have not been granted a visa for more than six months.17.

If your passport is lost, stolen or damaged during the online renewal process, we will contact you and arrange for a replacement passport.18.

If there is an issue with your online visa or passport renewal, you should contact the passport office for assistance at 1 1-888-855-4223.19.

You are required to complete all other steps in order to obtain a passport and to obtain your visa, such as applying for a business or medical passport, submitting the appropriate documentation, completing an application fee, and paying the visa fee.20.

Please check with your local airport for airport information.21.

The visa application fee for a family member will be $150 for a first-time, $200 for a second-time or $300 for a third-time visa application (if applicable).22.

The fee for your first visa application is $250 for the first visa, $400 for a two-year, $500 for a three-year or $600 for a four-year visa application if applicable.23.

The passport fee is $450 for a single-entry visa and $700 for a dual-entry Visa.24.

For information on international travel, please see our travel guide.25.

Please contact us if you cannot visit your nearest airport due to an emergency or have questions regarding your visa.26.

Please use the following online portal for information about visa fees:

How to apply online


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