Why We Need to Stop Talking About the Arctic—Now!

Scientists say that Arctic ice cover has been retreating for more than a decade.

But what if it was reversed?

Now that the sea ice is melting, the Arctic will be one of the hottest places on Earth. 

For now, we’re just getting started, with the Antarctic and Antarctic ice pack recovering and scientists predicting a significant rebound in global sea ice coverage by the end of the century. 

In a new study, scientists report that the melting of the ice in the Arctic is accelerating.

They say that the rapid rise in ice cover, coupled with a cooling trend in the global climate system, are now likely to result in a new ice age within a decade, or even sooner.

 The paper, by a team led by Marc Bekker at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, outlines the recent rapid warming in the Antarctic, which has increased the extent of the sea-ice cover.

The authors say that by 2100, ice will cover an area of about 7.5 million square kilometers in the region.

The team’s results are based on observations from satellite images taken in 2009, as well as a new map of the Antarctic from the European Space Agency.

The team then calculated the ice’s extent from these images, and compared that to the global sea level, which the researchers then calculated by looking at satellite and surface measurements.

At the time, sea levels were rising, and ice cover was declining, as shown in the map below.

But by 2100 it appears that Antarctic ice will have grown by about 40 percent.

The researchers report that this rapid rise will continue until at least the year 2200, when sea level will begin to fall.

That could be a big problem for humanity, which is projected to lose more than three billion square kilometers of land by 2100.

As the Earth warms, the amount of ice it covers will decrease, which could be bad news for humanity.

Bekkers team says that the new data suggests that Antarctic sea ice cover will begin retreating at a rate of 1.5 meters per year by 2100—roughly half the global rate of ice loss, and a substantial reduction from its previous peak.

And it’s not just Antarctica that will be impacted by this warming trend.

The Arctic ice is expected to become more unstable, and the melting there will accelerate.

The paper adds that this could lead to a “catastrophic, long-term shift in polar ice shelves and ice sheets in the northern and southern hemispheres.”

The new study was published today in Nature Geoscience.


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