How India will meet the UN deadline

The deadline for India to meet the Paris climate change target has been extended until February 2018, but the country has so far failed to make significant progress in addressing the issue.

In fact, the last three years have seen only the second-lowest increase in temperature in the country since 1998, with the last two years registering more than two degrees Celsius warmer than the average for the period.

The government has already failed to tackle the problem of extreme heat and drought, as the government is not able to implement the Clean India initiative that aims to bring the country’s agricultural sector to 100% renewable energy by 2022.

The Government of India has been pushing for the country to get rid of fossil fuels by 2020, but has failed to deliver on this pledge.

India’s annual CO2 emissions, measured in tonnes, have increased from 7.4 million tonnes in 2005 to 9.4 billion tonnes in 2016.

India has surpassed the world average in CO2 emission for the first time ever, with emissions of 5.3 billion tonnes last year.

The country has been accused of being an unreliable source of electricity, with power plants using diesel fuel and coal, which emit more CO2 per unit of energy produced.

India has a total of 4.7 billion tonnes of coal in the ground, but only 2.4 percent of that is used for power generation, according to the World Resources Institute.

India is also the world’s third-largest producer of oil and gas, but this oil has also been used to fuel power plants.

India uses about 70 percent of the world total of crude oil in the production of the energy sector, but coal is its main fuel.

The World Resources Association says that the use of coal for electricity generation is not sustainable, and the lack of infrastructure for a green power grid will result in a loss of over 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, the largest amount in the world.

The latest CO2 pollution figures also showed that India’s power sector emitted a whopping 5 billion tonnes, or 8 percent of global total, in 2016, and is responsible for more than half of the total emissions in the global energy sector.

India currently has a gross domestic product of around $1.8 trillion, and has an estimated population of nearly 4.6 billion people.


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