Trump’s plan to overhaul Obamacare would ‘take away your health insurance’

President Donald Trump has proposed a major overhaul of the nation’s health care system and would require insurers to cover a certain number of preventive services before they can sell coverage.

The proposal, unveiled Wednesday, would make a number of changes to the way insurers sell plans and make them more competitive, though critics of the plan say it could also hurt coverage for millions of Americans who buy their insurance through the federal marketplaces.

The proposal would also allow insurers to charge people more if they have pre-existing conditions, a provision that could hurt coverage among those with high medical costs.

The Trump administration has proposed the American Health Care Act, or AHCA, as an attempt to stabilize the health care market and cut down on costs by giving Americans the option to buy policies through the Affordable Care Act.

The bill was widely panned as a giveaway to big insurers that will make coverage unaffordable for millions, especially for people who need it most.

But critics argue the bill, which was released just days before a critical midterm election, is just a step toward more government control over health care.

The White House on Wednesday said the Trump administration is working on a bill to provide Americans with affordable health insurance, but did not offer specifics on what that would look like.

The American Health Act would allow states to set their own premiums, set deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for most people and allow insurers, who currently have a huge edge over small businesses, to offer plans with greater coverage.

It would also establish an insurance commission that would determine whether an insurer is a good fit for a particular population.

Under the bill’s new system, Americans would be able to shop for insurance through and purchase coverage directly from insurers, but would be required to purchase coverage through the marketplaces or the government-run exchanges.

Insurers could also sell coverage to individuals at the federal and state level, although they would have to offer coverage at least twice a year.

In a blog post Wednesday, White House deputy press secretary Michael Short said the AHCA would allow people to keep more of their health care, including coverage that’s offered through Health

It also would allow them to keep a larger share of their income, according to the White House, while giving them more flexibility to choose the type of coverage they want and to shop more for it.

“The ACA provided people with the tools to manage their health and prevent and treat their illnesses.

That’s exactly what this legislation is going to do,” Short wrote.

He said the ACA’s benefits were “great for the country and great for individuals.”

The White, House and Health and Human Services departments will begin the process of submitting the bill to the Senate on Friday, and the House is expected to approve it later this week.

The House is set to vote on the bill Wednesday, although it may not be able take up the bill until next week.

The legislation would also expand Medicaid eligibility for low-income people to help cover their health needs.

The bill, known as the American Healthcare Act, was a key component of Trump’s election campaign and a centerpiece of his campaign promise to dismantle the ACA.

It was supported by the president and has been praised by Republicans, who have said it will make insurance more affordable.

The AHCA has also been criticized by the insurance industry and by Democrats, who say it is a giveaway that could lead to skyrocketing costs for millions.

But the proposal has drawn opposition from many Republicans and a number states, including California, which has been a key battleground state in the presidential election.

“It is a very radical, very, very bad idea,” said Dr. Stephen R. Levitt, a former White House health official who is now a professor of medicine at Stanford University.

“There is no reason to go in and change people’s health.”

Insurers are already expected to make changes to how they offer plans in the coming weeks.

Under the plan, they would need to offer more preventive services, and they would be allowed to charge patients more for pre- and post-existing condition coverage.

Insurance companies have said the proposal would allow insurers who offer policies to compete against smaller and less healthy companies.

And they say it will allow people with high health care costs to remain healthy and maintain their health.

But experts say the AHA would not do that.

They say the ACA required that insurers offer coverage to all Americans.


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