The biggest issues in 2018 for a smartphone and tablet that can’t be fixed

The biggest problems are software and hardware, and the two have yet to fully catch up.

Google’s search engine is still slow and sluggish, its Nexus line of Android phones has been underwhelming for the last few years, and many of the company’s hardware partners haven’t made significant strides.

That leaves Apple with the largest problem.

The iPhone maker’s devices are still struggling, but its devices are now more affordable and easier to get.

Google says that the number of users who have paid a monthly fee for the Pixel or Pixel XL rose to 5.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2018, up 5 percent from the previous quarter.

That was a big jump from the year-earlier quarter, when Apple reported that 3.5 million Pixel users were paying for their smartphones.

While the overall market for smartphones continues to grow, Google says it sees the Pixel and Pixel XL as the top-of-the-line Android smartphones right now.

Google is still making some changes to its smartphone lineup to help it compete with Apple, but Google is confident it has a strong position in the smartphone market.

“Android has made tremendous strides over the past several years in terms of hardware and software,” Google said in a statement.

“This is reflected in the continued success of the Pixel, Pixel XL, and Pixel C series, and in the continuing strong growth in device usage, which was also a big part of the growth in Google+ activity.”

Google has long maintained that Android smartphones have a big market share.

It has long claimed that its phones are more widely used than Apple’s iPhones.

The Pixel, for example, has been on sale for more than three months now.

That’s more than double the time it took Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 to reach their final price of $649 and $619, respectively.

Android phones are still a premium product, but they are cheaper than iPhones, which are more expensive than iPads.

Google has already made some moves to try to make its smartphones more affordable, but Apple has made it clear that it doesn’t want Android smartphones to lose market share to iPhones and iPads.

Apple has also been making some big changes to Android smartphones over the last couple of years.

Apple is now offering a more affordable version of the iPhone, but that means that many customers will need to pay more for a new iPhone or iPad to get the same features that they had before.


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