How to spot the real job vacancies

A look at the top job vacancies for Queensland in 2018.

The number of vacancies in Queensland has been falling for three years in a row and Queensland unemployment has been hovering around 2.2 per cent.

But in 2017, the state’s unemployment rate fell to a record low of 2.6 per cent, according to the Queensland Bureau of Statistics.

Queensland unemployment rate dropped to 2.7 per cent in 2017.

The latest data shows Queensland unemployment rate at 2.5 per centThis data shows a dramatic rise in Queensland unemployment.

Queenas unemployment has dropped from 3.3 per cent a year ago to 2 per cent today.

It is now below the national unemployment rate of 5.9 per cent and more than half the national average of 5 per centSource: Queensland GovernmentQld unemployment is the lowest in Australia and Queensland has also been showing its true level of unemployment.

This means Queensland’s unemployment is trending upwards, but still below the rate of the national rate.

This year Queensland unemployment is projected to climb to 4.9 to 5.1 per cent nationally, but the state is still only 4.3 percentage points below the peak of the jobless rate in August 2019.

Queys unemployment is predicted to rise to 5 per per cent by 2023.


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