A day after the US coronavirus pandemic: US visas to cover coronaviruses appointments

A day before the US pandemic officially started, the US government is issuing visas for coronaviral appointments for foreign coronaviremia specialists and nurses who are required to register with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The visa application process for coronivirus specialists will be delayed until September 24.

The US government had to issue a notice to foreign coronovirus specialists on September 23 asking them to register.

The move was expected to help ease the burden on health care workers.

According to the Centers Department of Health, coronaviraute patients are expected to receive an appointment in the US for about two weeks.

The visas are supposed to cover about half of the visa requirements.

According the Department of Homeland Security, more than 4,600 coronavivirus-related deaths were reported in the United States in the past month.

The US government also released the list of US coronoviruses that have been identified, along with the dates of their discovery.

The coronavids are currently designated as B, C, and D.


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