Google says it’s launching its own cloud-based application for managing appointments

Google has announced it is launching its new Google Apps for Teams application, which it says will enable users to easily create and manage their own personalised personalised appointments and appointments for work. 

The company’s official announcement on Tuesday said that users would be able to create appointments, add appointments, and remove appointments in minutes.

It’s not clear when the feature would launch.

The announcement also outlined how it is enabling developers to build apps for Google Apps that integrate with its services.

“Google is working on building the first apps that will be able turn any Android phone into a personalised, cloud-connected personal assistant,” the announcement said.

“This will be particularly useful for people who are struggling to get work done, or those who want to create and personalise their own customised personalisation tools.”

Apps built for Google App Teams will work on Android phones running Google’s newest version of Android, Android Nougat.

“Google Apps for Tasks allows users to create, add, and delete personalised and customised meetings and appointments, as well as the ability to create or edit a customised calendar.

It is similar to the Google Calendar app on Android and iOS, and offers the ability for users to add, remove, and edit appointments.

It is not clear how Google will integrate the new app into its existing suite of services.

The company also said it would be providing a number of features to developers to make it easier to build applications for Google’s services.

For example, the announcement stated that developers would be encouraged to include support for the Google Maps API, and would be allowed to embed and extend the Google Docs API in their applications. 

Additionally, Google will be providing an API to enable developers to integrate Google Cloud APIs.

The developer tools and APIs announced today are a continuation of a project that Google announced earlier this year with the goal of “making it easier for developers to use Google APIs to create cloud-enabled applications”.

The aim is to make the APIs more accessible, easier to use and more broadly useful to the broader Android ecosystem.

The release of Google Apps is a continuation in the company’s effort to build its own applications for use by the wider Android ecosystem, and in some ways comes a few years after the company launched its own developer tools.


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