When Your Apple Account is Deleted, How to Find a Replacement

Apple has temporarily shut down its iCloud accounts, but it won’t close the door on other iCloud accounts that are in use.

The company says that it is working to find a workaround that will allow users to get back to their accounts.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Apple says it has temporarily halted its iCloud account system, but is working with third-party providers to get their services back online.

The move comes amid growing concerns about the security of the service.

On Thursday, the FBI said it had identified several potential threats in Apple’s iCloud security, including an attempt to use a malicious app to compromise its iCloud security.

Apple has yet to release any detailed instructions for what happens to accounts that were not temporarily disabled, and many users who have tried to access iCloud without being redirected to a page that warns of a possible problem are still unable to do so.

Apple also said that it has started providing additional assistance for those who are unable to access their iCloud accounts.

Updated at 2:03 p.m.

PT with statement from Apple.


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